Verde Solar Power, Arizona
Finance Programs
Verde Solar Power (VSP) offers a set of financing options:

We offer an all cash option, a tax credit loan option, and third, a No Money Down Lease option VSP's financing loan options are funded by your monthly electric bill savings. Once VSP loans are repaid, the owner will receive the full monthly savings of electrical power for years to come. Prospective VSP owners receive a financial options proposal, with a project specific design, including installation costs and projected savings.

1. All-Cash Option:
Owner pays the total cost of the solar power system less the APS utility rebate which is assigned to VSP. The system owner then receives a 30% Federal and State tax credit when they file their tax returns. Full savings begin on the electric bill immediately after commissioning the solar system. All-cash option owners will realize the best long term savings.

2. Tax-Credit-Down Loan Option:
Owner makes a down payment equal to the estimated tax credits for installing a VSP solar power system. As owner receives federal and state tax credits, the owner's down payment is recovered. The ongoing VSP loan payments are structured to be less than the projected savings on the utility bill. Tax-credit-down option owners will quickly realize a positive cash flow.

3. No-Money-Down Loan Option:

With $0 down and low monthly payments, it’s easy to power your home with renewable energy every day - and save money every month.

Sungevity Solar Lease customers can save up to 15% on their electricity costs from day 1. The more electricity rates rise, the more your savings grow.

Full Service
Get free system monitoring and no-cost repairs for the length of your lease. We’ll even insure the system, so there’s no need to add it to your homeowner’s policy.

When buying, refinancing, remodeling, or selling your home, you can include a solar system as part of an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM). It is quite easy to use, federally recognized and can be applied to most home mortgages.

Businesses may depreciate the system cost and receive further tax benefits. Consult with your tax advisor to fully utilize these options.

Verde Solar Power, (VSP) finances, designs and installs solar systems; for businesses, homes, churches, schools and community buildings of all types. Our solar systems supply substantial portions of an owner's electrical power in cooperation with the electric utility, and cost effectively create sustainable energy independence, cleaner air and a community future.

Sustainable, independent, clean, cost effective power.
Verde Solar Power 
Solar power systems for Sedona, Cottonwood, Village of Oak Creek, Prescott Valley, Arizona and surrounding communities.